Published on January 2nd, 2016


The Price of Greatness: a film review of Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine


Steve Jobs reminds me of my history professor in college who died of pancreatic cancer when he was only forty-eight years old. Tall, young, handsome, highly intelligent and articulate, they both were, however, men and not gods. Consummate professionals and borderline workaholic, these men in their personal lives were on occasion A-moral. This is the essence of the biographical documentary titled STEVE JOBS: THE MAN IN THE MACHINE which will debut on CNN on Sunday, January 3rd,. 2016 at 9:00 PM Eastern-Time

     Jobs, who died at age 56 in 2011 at the height of his career with Apple Computers, revolutionized the computer, its impact on the world,  and our own individual personal lives. Filled with footage of the real-life Jobs from an earlier age than twelve-which was when he was first introduced to the computer-until the time of his death wearing jeans and a black turtleneck,. This documentary expertly recreates Steve Jobs‘ ‘love of the computer and his intention to make the computer more personalized for individual human beings.

     First released in 2015 at the SXSW Film Festival, this film was co-produced by Jigsaw Productions and distributed by Magnolia Pictures in theaters nationally.. Alex Gibney both directed and produced this remarkable view of the god-like flesh and blood human being. Rated R, the film is 128 minutes long. It was first released in the U.S.A. on September 4th, 2015.  On a scale of from 1 thru 10, I rate this documentary a 9.6.


About the Author: Cleo Brown is the movie reviewer for She lives in Manhattan and has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary African-American History from The University of California at Davis and has done work on a Ph.D. in education at The University of San Francisco. She has published several poetry books and is featured in Who’s Who in Poetry.

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