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Robert Turner : Obama’s Pending Jobs Speech


For anyone who is currently following the 2012 campaign, it was obvious from the moment it was announced yesterday why the White House picked next Wednesday for the President to give his address to the nation about his jobs plan.

The “Right” Is Wrong


During these summer town-hall meetings, everyone has been asserting their “right” to be heard and speak before their fellow citizens. Well, the last time I read my constitution, I found no guaranteed right to speak at a public meeting, no right to be heard, nor a right to disrupt a meeting because you disagree with the views of others.

Video – Chairman Steele Gives Speech At NAACP 100th Annual Convention


“I have already reoriented the RNC away from ‘doing outreach’ and towards building coalitions instead — moving beyond its comfort zone to create a relationship with diverse communities and constituencies. My goal: to advance freedom in the African-American community.”

Chairman Michael S. Steele, Tuesday, July 14, 2009, New York, NY