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Published on June 12th, 2012


Obesity in America: To Win, We Have to Lose Government

Can the government make you lose weight? Officials sure think so.

In May 2012, an HBO documentary and a Washington conference, both named “The Weight of the Nation,” made the case for government intervention in your workout, your workplace and your kid’s lunchbox. They argue that lack of individual willpower is not to blame for obesity, and that it will take a serious government overhaul to shrink waistlines on a national scale.

“It’s an access issue. We live in an obesogenic environment,” says Dr. Lisa Santora, chief medical officer of Southern California’s Beach Cities Health District. President Obama agrees. He has already bundled $15 billion in with his healthcare reform bill, and we’ve seen government programs intervening in nutrition time and time again.

So far, the programs haven’t worked out too well.

“The reasearch shows that we haven’t been very good at trying to, through government, control obesity,” says Cal Poly economics professor Michael Marlow. He says that even when the government realizes that their solutions don’t work, they will only try more aggressive regulations that will further impend on your freedom to choose whatever you want on the menu.

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Shot by Paul Detrick, Sharif Matar and Oppenheimer.

About 5.40 minutes.

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