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Edgar Rivas: Mexico & The Race Card

Last Tuesday, Mexico joined the Obama administration in a lawsuit against Arizona for its passing of SB1070. Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, said about the law, that it “…opens the door to unacceptable racial discrimination.” But, Mexico itself has a history of unacceptable racial discrimination that continues till this day with no end in sight.

Racism and xenophobia is a part of Mexican culture. Some examples, In the 1930s most Chinese Mexicans and their descendents (No “Anchor Babies” there) were forced out of Mexico and deported to China, and over 300 were massacred, for no other reason than they were Chinese. If you ever heard the Mexican school yard rhyme that starts by saying, “Chino, Chino, Japones…,” you know about the prejudice Mexicans feel for Asians. Mexicans also have a history of denying blacks (The Afro-Mexican) exist in Mexico and degrade them by calling them “Mayates”(Their version of the “N” word). And, they continue to mistreat their indigenous peoples. “Mexico’s biggest and most visible class division is its division between Indians and those of predominantly Spanish and European ancestry. Prejudice against those who are predominantly descended from indigenous peoples is widespread.”

Edgar Rivas: Mexico’s Hypocrisy


The name Mexico should stand for human rights violations, if not hypocrite. Mexico has a long history of causing harm to those peoples they deem are not Mexican enough: the marginalization and land rights violations against its indigenous peoples that continued after its independence from Spain; the slaughter of 303 Chinese immigrants in 1913, in the town of Torreón; and their most recent victims, immigrants from Central America who are often raped, rob, or kidnapped for ransom. Not to mention, the hundreds of American tourists that report getting robbed by the Mexican police; I have had homeboys who got their low-riders taken after refusing to pay a bribe. Despite these facts, once again, Mexico is outraged at the U.S. for its supposed human rights violations! Can someone say, Hipócritas!

Last week, Sergio Hernandez, a fifteen year old involved in illegal immigrant smuggling was shot by U.S. border patrol agents after he had been taunting and throwing rocks at them. Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, expressed fear that anti immigrant sentiment (in the U.S.) is encouraging violence against Mexicans. [How about the violence from Mexicans aimed at our men in uniform who protect our borders].He said recently of the new Arizona immigration law, that it “opens a Pandora’s Box of the worst abuses in the history of humanity.”