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Alex Gonzalez: Noble Prizes will Not Help Latin America


Peruvian, Mario Vargas Llosa, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in literature last week. The academy honored one of the world’s Spanish-speaking acclaimed authors and is an outspoken political activist who once came close to being elected president of his tumultuous Peru. In 1995, he won the Cervantes Prize, the most distinguished literary honor of the Spanish language.

I received an emails requesting an opinion on Llosa winning the Noble Prize. My reply to those emails was clear and straight forward, inasmuch that I know very little about Mr. Llosa. I have tried to avoid reading material from Latin American Authors (Spanish language) because most of them tend to be Marxist economists or intellectuals that resent North America-British traditions and Protestant concepts of individualism. As a result, and out of this resentment, a deeply ingrained resentment in Latin American culture overshadows most of the economic and intellectual work created in the Spanish speaking universities thereby making it infective. Moreover, such word is often only supported by Marxist liberals in Europe and the United states who seek to minimize conservative economic and political principles.