Published on May 20th, 2014


How Conservatives can win America’s inner cities

As the GOP considers its post-election rebranding, much debate has centered around a core ideological question: What does the Republican Party stand for? There’s also a key political question: How can the GOP increase its mainstream appeal without isolating its base? Finding the answers to these incredibly complex questions will require much dialogue, introspection, and patience. But there is one restorative action that Republicans can and should take immediately: Republicans must once again turn their attention to America’s cities.

As evidenced by several recent elections, a considerable majority of urban voters now reflexively tilt toward the Democratic Party. They might not embrace liberals’ ideology with zeal, but contrasted with the perceived Republican obsession with “bedroom politics,” these metropolitan voters see 21st-century modernity as inherently preferable to theological authoritarianism. And because these urbanites don’t see sufficient Republican engagement on challenges specific to the city environment, Democrats have little urban electoral competition. It’s imperative that conservatives work to alter this dynamic.

This is hardly unattainable. With a serious strategy, Republicans can win back urban support. For their many years of urban political dominance, Democrats have a less-than-stellar record of achievement. From Washington, D.C., to Chicago, and from Detroit to Los Angeles, too many city-dwelling citizens face unyielding epidemics of crime, intractable cycles of poverty, and local governments predicated upon feeding networks of patronage instead of voter interests.

To address these failings, Republicans should focus on a four-part agenda to return to our cities.

 Source: The Week. Read full article. (link)


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