Account Suspended!!


If you are seeing this page, it means your hosting account has been suspended.

Please read below for possible causes and remedies:


Suspended Due to Non-Payment

This can occur if payment has not been made on your account. If you have a credit card on file, log into your account to make sure it is current (e.g., number, exp date). Once you update the credit card, please contact us so we can re-activate the account. To change your credit card/billing info:

  1. Log into your hosting account.
  2. Click on the Billing Info icon.
  3. Click Edit next to “Edit Billing Profile”.
A step by step video on how to update your billing information is available here:
Please remember:
  1. The hosting account Billing contact is notified by email whenever there is a billing issue, such as past due notices and credit card errors. Therefore, it is very important to keep both contact and billing emails valid and check them often.
  2. Your account, once suspended for non-payment, will remain suspended regardless if you have paid or not. You will always have to contact (or ) to resume your account after a suspension. Your account does not go into suspension until 14 days after billing date.


Bandwidth Overusage

If you have exceeded your hosting plan’s traffic limit by 500%, your account will automatically be suspended. In this case, please contact (or ) for solutions to this issue.


AUP/TOS Violation

Spamming, adult content, warez are just a few violations which can result in your account being suspended. If you account has been suspended for any of these violations, you will need to move your hosting elsewhere, as we will not re-activate the account.



As always, we thank you for choosing Hostica for your web hosting needs.


Hostica provides low cost Linux and Windows hosting. Low cost hosting starts at $1 per month. For $1 per month, you can host 1 website on 1 GB of space. Other low cost plans are available as well.

A multitude of technologies is supported including Perl, CGI, PHP, ASP,, and ColdFusion. If you require a database, MySQL and PostgreSQL (PGSQL) are offered. Microsoft database technology, MS SQL 2005, is supported.

Hostica offers Miva Merchant on the eStore Plans, starting at $24.95 per month. Miva Merchant allows you to set up an online store, product database and shopping cart. Credit card processing in real time is supported (a merchant account is required).