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Published on March 17th, 2013


CNN: RNC announces $10 million to beef up GOP outreach

Republican National Committee announced Sunday the organization will spend $10 million on hundreds of staff workers to communicate conservative principles in cities across the country. As part of its conclusion from a months-long “autopsy” of the GOP – to be formally announced Monday – the RNC will also work to shorten the primary calendar, limit the number of debates in presidential primaries, and move up the party’s convention date. In the outreach portion of the plan, Priebus said, the RNC will pay people “from coast to coast in Hispanic, African-American, Asian communities” to talk about the GOP brand.  “(They’ll be) talking about what we believe in, going to community events, going to swearing-in ceremonies, being a part of the community on an ongoing basis … make the case for our party and candidates,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

UPDATE: Tomorrow morning at the National Press Club the RNC will unveil the findings from the Growth and Opportunity Project charting the Party’s way ahead.

CNN: RNC announces $10 million plan to beef up Republican outreach

Media Advisory: Growth and Opportunity Project Co-Chairs to Hold Press Conference on the Project’s Report

Media Advisory: Chairman Reince Priebus to Give Remarks at National Press Club on Growth and Opportunity Project Report

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5 Responses to CNN: RNC announces $10 million to beef up GOP outreach

  1. Lula Bridges says:

    I am very excited about this opportunity to train African Americans and other minorities on their rights to vote and the issues facing the Republican party. I have run for office in Alabama and so many said to me that they wanted to vote for some “Republicans” but did not know how to split the vote. I work in seven (7) counties in the Black Belt of Alabama and would love to work with your organization. Lula Bridges

  2. I’m part of a group seeking to change the political culture of Memphis, TN by involving our majority black electorate in traditional values candidates’ elections. We think African Americans and Hispanic Americans will vote for Republicans if they feel welcome and if they understand the values the great majority of rank-and-file Republicans hold dear.

    • Darnell Mass says:

      Good luck in the Democrat stronghold of Memphis. I think your group would have more success if they went after the Black business owners in Memphis. You will not be able to attract African Americans until the ECONOMIC CLIMATE of government dependency has changed in Memphis.

      Showing the Black business community how Republican policies can help with the growth of their businesses therefore being able to put more people to work will gradually improve support for Republicans.

  3. carl pressley says:

    The GOP must run credible candidates on the local level to make inroads into urban communities. Local government have the most impact on issues like schools, housing, crime and health. This outreach program is nothing more than a failed pr campaign.

  4. Don’t pander! We have the values & principles that are shared by most Ameircans, no matter their color or gender. It is time for the OLD guard to get out of the way and let the fresher folks have a hand. I’m saying this as a 72 year old person of color. Embrace the young lions & lionesses that are showing up. Give them a chance to deliver our message in their way and in their language. We are there to advise, encourage & applaud. Check out the ones who will fight this…why will they? Is it because they are worried about the “PARTY” or their position & power?

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