Published on April 15th, 2014


Can Jindal’s Health Plan Get the GOP on Track?

Jindal’s proposal, released by his policy group, America Next, was not the first health policy plan to come from the right. In recent months, Rep Tom Price (R-Ga.), as well as GOP Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.), Richard Burr (N.C.), and Orrin Hatch (Utah), have put forth ideas for overhauling the health system as well. But Jindal’s proposal is a sign that the party is shifting its focus—not by giving up on repeal of Obamacare, but by thinking about what might come next. And because Jindal is a potential candidate for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination, it is also a signal that that health care reforms will be a major issue in elections to come.

Source:  Reason Magazine. Read full article. (link)


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