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Travis Johnson – The Future of Independence


No one seems to be able to articulate their vision for America. The Democrats seem to have a jumbled, directionless mess of government programs. And the Republicans well, the Republicans seem hell-bent on…not a lot really. We like to say no a lot. One of our “rising stars” said our response to the Democrats’ “Yes We Can” should be “Oh No You Don’t.” I could not disagree with that more. We’re Americans. There’s nothing we can’t do. We achieve, we’re not scolds. Whether it was bringing a country divided by war back together, or saving or environment or ending two major wars, winning the Cold War or preparing America for the greatest economic boom period of its history, Republicans have always led the way.

But what is our agenda now? Stopping Obamacare? Stopping Abortion? Stopping Illegal Immigration? We’ve been shouting about stopping so many things, we’ve ground our country to a halt. We need to stop…well, stopping and begin advocating a proactive agenda. We need to advocate an indoendence agenda for America.

NADRA ENZI OP-ED:Sarah Palin: Beyond The Pale


Governor Palin is an ethnic escapist dream where simple rural girls best slick urban intellectuals.

American Poverty: An Important Issue


Poverty is an important issue. One that plagues societies of every kind, in every country, in every continent.It is an issue that ranges from social to economic and then back. Everyday of my life I am faced with some kind of poverty and inequality. The way people look at poverty varies per perspective, and each one of us has a slightly different one.

I wish to share my thoughts on poverty and what I think should be done to attempt to improve it.

The Case for Land


What would you do if there was some global crisis or event that virtually wiped out any positive incentive for urban living? Where would you get food? How would you survive? Think about it long enough and you’ll find that while living in urban cores may be fine, in the event of something substantial, one would be left with nothing to survive. What if government collapsed and your dollars were worthless?