Published on December 29th, 2012


The Journey Of Self-Discovery : A Film Review of Kumaré

Kumaré, starring Vikram Gandhi, is a film about the journey of a young man seeking to discover himself. Kumare, who descends from a long-line of Hindu spiritual leaders, has been immersed in spiritual training throughout his life. Being an insider, consequently, he has little respect for the Gurus or Spiritual Advisors he encounters both in the United States and abroad preferring to believe that he, as well as other spiritual leaders, are frauds or illusions.

All of his spiritual teachings to his followers, therefore, consist of the myth of leadership as being illusory. Vikram Gandhi’s goal in the film is to turn himself into the epitome of an Eastern Guru from India so that he can lead his congregation or “flock” to achieve a greater sense of peace and spiritual awareness without the interference of a Guru.

What follows, however, is Kumare’s awareness and understanding of himself as a teacher, trainer, and as a spiritual advisor. He brings comfort and joy to his “flock” just through being.

Filmed as a Documentary, Kumare is a masterpiece. Beginning in New Jersey in 1984, Kumare is also filmed abroad in contemporary India and Bangladesh as well as in the New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix, Arizona. 94 minutes long, Kumare begins with Vikram Gandhi searching his soul to determine how best to reveal his true self and his true nature to his congregation.

As Kumare, wearing long-hair and a beard; and wrapped in robes and material to cover himself, Vikram Gandhi is non-threatening to the new people he encounters. With his hair cut, however, and his face shaven, as well as with Kumare wearing western clothes, the members of his flock are less enraptured with the man he really is.

On a scale of from one to ten I give to Kumare a ten because it causes all of us, especially if we have ever been a member of an organized religion anywhere, to pause and to reflect upon the importance of self-discovery and individuality.

This film is suitable for children to watch.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cleo Brown lives in Manhattan and has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary African-American History from The University of California at Davis and has done work on a Ph.D. in Education at The University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California. She a published writer and a poet who tutors students on a part-time basis


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